Board Members

The Galveston Seafarers Center is currently operated by a 18 member Board of Directors, a full time port chaplain, two staff members, 12 member advisory committee and a number of dedicated volunteers.

 Board of Directors


Natalie Clarke


Natalie Clarke, President

I support the Seafarers Center mission and their services to seafarers.  I have witnessed first hand the great work they provide.




Michael Culpepper


Michael Culpepper, VP of Building Operations (Interim)

I am the Owner of Nautical Antiques and have a sincere interest in seafaring and the organization.




Gordon Robinson


Gordon Robinson, VP of Ministry

My first career was in the Maritime industry and the Seafarers Center has been a part of my life for many years. I have served on the board in almost every capacity, VP of Ministry being the latest. I am a life-long Presbyterian, and have served my church as Deacon, Elder and Trustee.




Albert Choate, Treasurer

As one of the Commissioners of the  Galveston County Navigation District No. 1 and VP of the Galveston Propeller Club, I have a great interest in our port and the seafarers who visit our port.





Crystal Dupuis, Secretary

I have always had a heart for international volunteer work. Therefore, I believe the seafarers center is a great opportunity to support the international community in a local setting.




Jonathan Hale


Jonathan Hale, Immediate Past President

Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair.





Christine Balboni


Capt. USCG (Ret.) Christine Balboni, Board Member

I feel the center is a very important support function for our mariners and have seen the positive impact it has, even beyond the center itself.




Douglas Baumann



Douglas Baumann, Board Member




David Casale, Board Member

As a former US sailor, I am interested in supporting the needs of seafarers visiting Galveston.


Carl Haglund


Carl Haglund, Board Member

I am interested in giving back in the community and the betterment of seafarers conditions.




Joe Hoff


Joe Hoff, Board Member

As student activity co-ordinator at TAMUG I feel I am in a great position to educate next generation merchant marines. It is my belief that Seafarers Center provide a great service to individuals working far from home and loved ones.  I look forward to contributing to this great mission.


Rev. Meredith Holt, Board Member


O. N. James


O.N. James, Board Member

Long time board member and representative of Wesley Tabernacle United Methodist Church, I was a sailor for many years and know the importance of the Seafarers Missions.



Niels Lyngso


Niels Lyngso, Board Member

WGMA-I work in the Maritime industry and partner with the Galveston Seafarers Center to share industry stories and updates.




Peggy McMullen, Board Member


Gloria Micheletti, Board Member


Leroy Naschke


Leroy Naschke, Board Member

Bayport Machines, Inc.  I support the Galveston Seafarers Center whole-heartedly, for the work they do.




Ian White


Ian White, Board Member

I am a freelance journalist and a sailor at heart, I appreciate all help for those in peril on the sea.



Ernie Conner  Ernie Conner, Board Member



Advisory Committee


Don Boyle

Pat Bumpus

Sherrry Cooke

Ruth Leah Finkelstein

Capt. Wally Hogan

Noreen Horton

Charles Kelly 

I am very interested in the work the Seafarers Center provides and want to show my support in all they do.

Kevin Moran

As a retired reporter for the Houston Chronicle I have had an abiding interest in seafarers and their lives, having written many articles related to the industry.

Mary Jo Naschke
Billie Pennings, DVM
Kathleen Roberts
Sherry Villere